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USBK13 Urban Smart

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Triangle Structure

The stand function of this laptop bag is well designed. It has a collapsible design that provides the best support for the laptop. The triangle structure releases the heat while using the laptop.

Red Lemon

Smart multi-function design

Smart stand enables you to get a stable desk when you are at airport, in the park, in the car and anywhere you need to work with a desk; Just fold the support board to get a stable desk.

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Eco friendly high-quality durable suit fabric material with heavy duty accents, hardware and stitching. Soft border lining adds extra protection around the edges and prevents dust and Nylon water proof fabrics.

An Exceptional Accessory

This multi-functional urban laptop bag with a smart stand offers complete features and specifications that give you great convenience and style when you are on the go.

Red Lemon
Red Lemon

Elastic silicone padding

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Leathery brand Logo

Red Lemon

Stylish silicone zipper