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Attractive &

Top Class Material

Woollen fabric coated neoprene with faux fur lining made of soft materials, special charging port at the bottom

HSBK15 Hybrid Sleeve
HSBK15 Hybrid Sleeve

Design & Space

Wide compartment for laptop and one hidden compartment for confidential documents or small items such as power adapters, documents, notepads and cell phones, offering added convenience

HSBK15 Hybrid Sleeve

Quality Material

The laptop sleeve case is made from quality woolen fabric coated with Neoprene. It also has a faux fur lining which is made of soft material. It makes the bag very durable to use on the long run while protecting your electronic device

HSBK15 Hybrid Sleeve

Multi Pockets

The laptop sleeve features multiple pockets on the front which allows you to take all your electronic gadgets along with you. You can fit your charger, adapter, stationery, phone, etc. It also has a separate back pocket for storing your important documents safely.

HSBK15 Hybrid Sleeve

Wide Compartments

Comes with wider and spacious compartments to store your 15.6 inch laptop along with other essentials. The inner compartments have soft faux fur lining which protects the laptop from getting scratched and absorbs shock.