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CEGR13 Casual Essential

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High End Material

Polyester with anti-shock padded bubble lining, shoulder strap, nickel hardware; Waterproof design makes you no worries even in a rainy day.

London Executive Laptop Messenger Bag


Semi-circular wave point shockproof padding inside the laptop compartment keeps your laptop from being shocked. Soft Handle wrapped by leather; Improve the carrying feeling.

CEGR13 Casual Essential
London Executive Laptop Messenger Bag

Spacious Compartments

This messenger bag has spacious compartments for storing your gadget along with other essentials for your convenience. It also has an outer zipped pocket to arrange and keep your charger, power bank, cell phones, earphones, pens, keys and other stationery in it.

Water Repellent

The messenger bag features a water-resistant design to protect your electronic devices from rains and splashes which can ruin them. This feature enables you to carry the bag around in any weather condition without any worry.

Water Proof Design
CEGR13 Casual Essential

Extra Shoulder Strap

The messenger bag is designed to feature an extra adjustable shoulder strap as an added carrying option. The strap also has an adjustable shoulder pad to carry the bag without any discomfort.

Padded Bubble Lining

This laptop messenger bag features an anti-shock bubble padding which helps in absorbing shock. It also features a semicircular wave point padding which keeps it safe from bumps or thuds.

London Executive Laptop Messenger Bag